Tara Macri’s “Home” Is A Must-Listen Ballad + Talks Kanye West Dream Collaboration In Exclusive Interview!

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I’ve been in a ballads “mood” lately. So when I discovered this song browsing YouTube recently, I knew I had to set up an interview with the artist to find out more about her.

Home” (released in January this year) is the latest single of up-and-coming Canadian singer Tara Macri. This is too the follow-up to Tara’s 2016 single (she likes to take her time with her releases) “Prettiest Girl In The Room”, a fun up-tempo pop song which broke into the Billboard Hot 100 in Canada.

If Tara decided to wrap up 2016 with an up-tempo, she kicked off with 2017 with a powerful ballad, one she wrote inspired by the tragic passing away of a friend of hers. “If you still feel low / And you need a place to go / You’ll always have a home in me”, sings Tara with angelic vocals on the chorus of “Home”, a total tear-jerker. Believe me when I say what if you don’t shed a tear listening to this song, you have no soul.

If you’re in a ballads “mood” too at the moment, Tara Macri’s “Home” is definitely one of the songs you should be listening next.

You’re welcome for the recommendation, by the way.

Looking forward to hear more new music from her (apparently new music is coming this year), and please check out below the lovely interview we at Direct Lyrics had the opportunity to do with Tara Macri where she discussed “Home”, her career, her upcoming projects, or even her wish for a Kanye West collaboration.


1. Hello Tara. Where are you answering this Q&A from and how has your day been like thus far?

Hi guys! I'm answering these questions from Los Angeles where I live. My day so far has been great! Getting ready to do a show in Malibu, so I'm working on my set list and rehearsing with my band. My days are different every day but I love to have a routine of working out, practicing and writing new songs.

2. What were your musical influences growing up?

My musical influences: Michael Jackson because he was such a great performer. Pink because I love her voice and I love all the uplifting messages in her music. Kanye West because of his drive and his groundbreaking music.

3. At what point in your life did you decide: “Look, a recording career is what I want to pursue, let’s go!”? And, was starting in the industry “scary” or was it all just exciting?

I've always been writing and performing probably to the dismay of my family. However, I can't remember when I said "let's go". I have been fortunate to be able to follow my dreams and have the guidance and support from those around me.

There isn't a direct path to success in the Music industry and everything is changing so quickly day to day but nothing beats the feeling of sharing your creativity and having it affect people in a positive way.

4. Earlier this year you released your latest single “Home”. For those who have yet to listen to it, how would you describe the lyrics/story of “Home” and its sound?

Home is a ballad with only piano, cello and vocals. I wrote the song for a friend who passed away unexpectedly and tragically. I wanted to let them somehow know that wherever they are, I will always hold them in my heart. We all have experienced and will continue to experience loss in our lives, but my hope is that through song, the pain can soften a little more quickly and fonder memories can endure.

5. “Home” is such a beautiful and emotional ballad. During one of our listens we were on the verge of shedding a tear. Has that happened to you ever?

Thank you so much for saying that. Yes their were definitely some emotional moments writing, recording and performing this song "Home" because I have a deep personal connection to the story.

6. We hear that a producer who has worked with many music stars produced “Home” and that you recorded the song at a very iconic studio in Toronto, Canada. What can you tell us about this? It sounds very exciting but with much responsibility to do well too!

I worked with the producer Darren Barry at the Orange Lounge recording studio in Toronto that has been home too many greats: Amy Winehouse, Katy Perry, Justin Bieber just to name a few. As soon as you walk in the Orange Lounge studios it feels familiar. The studio has a warm and creative vibe to it. Recording at orange feels like home. I was born in Toronto and it was really nice to come back to record such a personal story there.

7. Can we expect an EP or full-length album coming from Tara Macri in the near future or are you content with just releasing one-off singles for the time being? .

I'm so excited because I have so many songs that I want to share with everyone. We are at a really interesting time in the music industry right now with downloading and streaming that we are in a perpetual state of single release. I am in the process of putting the finishing touches on my next single. I am so excited I'm about to explode. Stay tuned.

8. What are Tara Macri’s most-listened artists right now on your Apple Music/Spotify account?

Coldplay. Adele. The Weekend.

9. What are your favorite Canadian singers of all times (in the latest years, the surge in talent exports has been incredible, hasn’t it?)?

Yes, it has but I kind of feel like we're all part of one global sound. Ronnie Hawkins holds a special place in my heart. He is a honorary Canadian but was born in Arkansas. Ronnie is a friend of the family and has been super supportive of me growing up and of my music.

10. With whom would be your dream collaboration? And if you indeed had the chance, how do you imagine your song to be like?

In the room I picture Kanye West. I feel like he would push me outside of my comfort zone but I know we would still be friends after. It would be cool to have a 1980s Michael Jackson vocal to do a duet together.

11. Thank you so much for your time, Tara! Any last thing you would like to tell our readers?

Thank you for the interview! I'm really excited about the release of my next single. I hope it's out of this world. Pun intended. Stay tuned for launch.

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