5 Seconds of Summer Go Generic For New Single “Want You Back”: Where’s The Punk?

5sos want you back

5 Seconds of Summer Go Generic For New Single “Want You Back”: Where’s The Punk?

5 Seconds of Summer are back after leaving us orphanage of new music for three long years. Their new single “Want You Back” was released on digital platforms this Friday morning and only after a few hours the new 5SOS song reached the #2 position on iTunes USA where it currently still is as of this post. So clearly people were craving new 5 Seconds of Summer music very much and/or are really loving “Want You Back” as a musical piece. But I kind of think it’s the former. Why? I don’t think “Want You Back” is a “great” song and certainly is one of 5SOS’ weakest singles. It’s catchy, I’ll give it that, but it sounds super generic and now more that the band has seemingly agreed to add a few synth elements to their music. Why selling out like this? I liked 5SOS more with their original more punk, more rock and roll music. “Want You Back” is far more closer to the pure pop realm and that’s not fun. They’ve lost a bit of their uniqueness. It’s like 5SOS have recorded a The Vamps song, and you know how I feel about that UK band…

But oh well, “Want You Back” is performing well on iTunes thus far and clearly it will debut at a good position on the Hot 100 next week (as surely Pop radio will eat this up fast too). 5SOS fans will make this song a hit no matter what, no matter if it is a “just okay” song.

The band's third studio album is coming out later in 2018.

Rating: 2/5

By on February 23, 2018

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