2NE1 & CL Show Western Girls How It’s Done at 2015 MAMA: Watch Their Fierce Surprise Performances!

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The 2015 MAMA (the Mnet Asian Music Awards) was held last night, December 2nd, in Hong Kong. These are one of the most important K-pop music awards there are in the world. And truth is, I wasn’t really expecting much from this year’s edition as I had already seen the performers lists and none got me too excited. However, huge was my surprise when I read on Twitter that iconic K-pop girl group 2NE1 had hit the stage as a surprise act. Immediately I ran to YouTube and started to wait till somebody please uploaded a video. And do you know 2NE1 didn’t only perform as a group? CL served as a sort of opener and she took that opportunity to perform for the first time ever her new solo single “Hello Bitches” live. OMG! Let’s check out this first:

If you had no idea, one of K-pop’s biggest representatives, the band 2NE1, had gone hiatus since late last year. From that time, no news regarding 2NE1 and future new music projects were announced. It was as if the group had broken up for good. There were no updates whatsoever about 2NE1, just news about CL’s solo plans, and Dara’s acting career. Rumor had it that the hiatus, and the long duration of it, was because of member Park Bom’s alleged ‘bad habits’ and her having to check into a rehab facility. Nevertheless, it seems 2NE1 are finally ready to come back as they appeared last night out of nowhere at the 2015 Mnet Asian Music Awards, and yes, Park Bom was there! (Good you're finally ok, girl!) Together they sang their hits “Fire” and “I Am The Best”, and holy moly! they slayed that stage with their vocals, attitude and choreographies!

I must also praise CL’s solo performance of “Hello Bitches”. I liked her her bad-ass red outfit, and the fact she had flown into Hong Kong from the US the whole dancing squad from the “Hello Bitches” music video. Must’ve cost her a lot of money!

Oh my, CL is so fierce and undoubtedly the star of 2NE1. Even though “Hello Bitches” may not be US radio material (her time will come soon), damn can CL WERK this song live. Wouldn’t be surprised if the thousands of people packing that stadium last night didn’t blink at all throughout CL’s performance. She killed it too.

2NE1 and CL definitely taught Western girls a few lessons yesterday.

Was this slayage or what?

By on December 3, 2015
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