Watch: Lady Gaga Talks Motherhood, Beyonce & Acting On First Interview of 2012!

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Pop superstar Lady Gaga gave her first interview of 2012 to celebrity/gossip website 'The Insider' above! During the 3-minute sit-down conversation, the 'Born This Way' singer opened up about the future, like saying motherhood is definitely in her plans, but not for a long, long time, and that in 2012 she just wants to 'keep going', release a new album and give her 'little monsters' a phenomenal tour. Gaga also spoke on her 'Telephone' collaborator, mother-to-be Beyonce, who looks ready to pop anytime, showing support by saying 'of course she'll be a great mum', and adding next 'she's the nicest female I've met in the [music] industry'. The 25-year-old New Yorker also talked about fame, fans, cooking and emphasized the fact acting is just not her 'thing', as she's a 'full-time musician'. What I think though, is that we'll definitely see Lady Gaga one day in the big screen. It's just meant to be IMO.

What do YOU think of the interview?

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