Watch: Demi Lovato Performs Four 'Demi' Tracks For The First Time Ever at 'People en Espanol' Festival

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demi lovato sings heart out at people en espanol festival
demi lovato at people en espanol festival
demi lovato performs at people en espanol festival

Demi Lovato headlined the second and last day of the 2013 'People en Espanol' Festival held on Sunday (September 1) at the Henry B. Gonzalez Convention Center in San Antonio, Texas. And it must have because she was in her home state of Texas that Demi Lovato felt like this particular audience deserved a special treatment. For the 21-year-old pop singer performed for her fellow Texas four tracks from her latest eponymous album "Demi" that she had never perform before, EVER. These were; "Fire Starter", "Something That We're Not", "Nightingale", and "Neon Lights". I think the big bets point out the Cher Lloyd-assisted "Really Don't Care" has it in the bag to become Demi's next single, but why couldn't one of these newly-performed-for-the-first-time tracks be 'it'?.

The fan-recorded videos below are of not of the highest quality, but it serves as proof of how these four songs would work LIVE. I personally hope "Neon Lights" and "Something That We're Not" become singles one day. "Neon Lights" would be the easiest single choice to make. It's very mainstream, and it could potentially be a hit on the Billboard Dance/Club Chart. "Really Don't Care" better get on the Top 40 if released, 'cause otherwise the future of a fourth single could be in jeopardy, though.

Which of the four would you pick as next single?

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