Watch: Demi Lovato Gives The Middle Finger Following 'Keep Your Nose Clean!' Comments

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demi lovato at logo tv event

Demi Lovato attended yesterday afternoon (June 23) a promotional event in NYC for ‘TrailBlazers’, a soon-to-be-taped Logo TV special commemorating the one-year anniversary of when the Defense of Marriage Act was over-ruled. The event was held at the beautiful gothic Cathedral of Saint John the Divine.

So the situation was: Demi walks off her SUV to go up the stairs and into the cathedral, but unexpectedly she has to face a moron who just wanted his five seconds of viral Internet fame. Watch what happened in the video below!

Basically Demi was all smiles as she descended her vehicle and walked up the stairs, waving hello to the few fans that waited for her outside the cathedral, but when she was half-way through the stairs a heckler began to harass her with repetitive 'keep your nose clean!’ comments evidently making reference to Demi’s, now forgotten, cocaine use past. So low! Demi gave the heckler a piece of her, though, giving him the middle finger. Nicely done! But why her fans didn’t do anything? Had I been there, I would have told that disgusting individual a few not-so-nice-sounding words!


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