Watch: Bruno Mars Opens Up On 'Piers Morgan'

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Watch: Bruno Mars Opens Up On 'Piers Morgan'

The uber-talented Bruno Mars faced what must've been his toughest interview yet on Friday (January 6th) on CNN's "Piers Morgan Tonight" - The Hawaiian crooner - who's up for six Grammys at next month's Los Angeles-held ceremony - responded to questions concerning his September 2011 arrest for possession of cocaine, and kind of related to this 'topic', he too shared his thoughts on Amy Winehouse's passing. Another thing Bruno spoke on was his unsuccessful stint with Motown Records as a teenager.

But, it wasn't all sad, tough questions. During Bruno and Piers' over-20-minute long sit-down interview at Hollywood's 'Avalon', there was also room for the laughs and the 'gratitude'. Bruno showed viewers a few pictures and videos from his childhood, one of them being footage of a live performance of him impersonating Elvis Presley. How cute was that!? And of course, there was also plenty of talk on Mr Mars' amazing rise to success, talent, music, and more. Watch the full interview in three parts below!

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