LISTEN: Timbaland (featuring Missy Elliott) - Take Ur Clothes Off (New Song!)

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First it was Kanye's "G.O.O.D Fridays", then Swizz Beatz started "Monster Mondays" and now hitmaker producer Timbaland wants his very own weekly installment of music freebies as well. Today he has launched "Timbaland Thursdays". Very original, huh? lol. The first 'gift' he's got for fans is this collaboration with long-time friend Missy Eliott entitled "Take Ur Clothes Off". The track can be downloaded on Timb's Official Website for free. Cute effort. So happy to see Missy hasn't lost her touch and still can rock verses like she only knows! Overall tho, not the most exciting song ever to be honest. Hopefully Timbo delivers something more 'ground-breaking' next time. BTW, what's going on with Missy's "Block Party" album?

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