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Remember Tiffany Evans? She broke into the music scene with only 15, releasing her debut self-titled CD some years ago and spawning the happy & uptempo single enttiled "Promise Ring" featuring Ciara. Back then, we witnessed a new talent being born. She obviously had a gifted voice, that even destroyed Ciara and showed her who was the boss in "Promise Ring". Anyways, Tiffany did her thing but unfortunaly her music did not connect with the American audience and both her album and singles flopped hard on the charts. Well, time has passed, Evans is 18 years old, has left the young girl she was behind, and now has a more mature look and even a more powerul and developed voice. Tiffany will release in 2011 her sophomore titled "Ms Tiffany" but has decided to give fans already the very first sigle, that is called, "I'll Be There". A beautiful sultry ballad, which I wouldn't be suprised makes you drop a tear if you listen intently to the lyrics. Excellent effort. Will radios love it? Not sure, we're living nowadays in a world where you need an "electro-pop" song to be succesful. Hopefully, Ms Evans will prove that wrong.

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