This Is How Lady Gaga, aka Princess Peach, Goes To The Beach: Miami Edition

Lady Gaga is a classic tourist. She likes to do what has to be done in each city she visits. For instance, Miami. She landed in best U.S city to vacation yesterday to prepare tonight’s “Joanne World Tour” concert at the American Airlines Arena in advance. And yesterday before the sun went away and temperatures descended just a little bit, Mother Monster hit the beach in bikini and high heels and let the world know why she would like to be called “Princess Peach” from now on – because DAMN GURL, if you got it (are blessed in the behind area) then surely you have to flaunt it. And flaunt it Gaga did at the beach yesterday.

Today Lady Gaga is most likely just focused on tonight’s concert so we won’t probably see her at the beach again (so if you’re in Miami and planned to walk up and down the entire beach in search of Lady Gaga, then better don’t waste your time).

Once tonight’s Miami concert is done, the "Million Reasons" singer will only have 9 dates left on the North American leg of the “Joanne World Tour”. She’ll then be heading to Europe in mid-January 2018.