The Ready Set - Young Forever (Music Video!)

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The Ready Set, aka Jordan Mark Witzigreuter from Indiana, USA, has finally premiered the official music video for his latest single, the ultra catchy and club-ready, "Young Forever" - Unlike his prevous stuff, the new single features a great dose of dance and techno elements that I'm absolutely loving! "Young Forever" is pop heaven! lol. The song is like a male version of a Ke$ha single. "Young Forever" was officialy released in the states on March 8th, and I'm counting on it to chart decently on the charts there. It's got huge potential, if promoted correctly! As for the single's music video, it's okay. I really don't get the 'rock band' performance scenes. Young Forever's DNA is 98% synthesized pop, and let's not forget of the auto-tune. Anyways, not hating! Just stating the truth. The music video should have a been something in the line of the 'Like A G6' visual, with a party/club theme IMO.

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