Skylar Grey - Dance Without You (Music Video!)

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Skylar Grey has premiered the music video for her buzz single "Dance Without You" via VEVO today (July 5th) - The track was released in early June as a 'taster' of what we could expect in her debut album "Invinsible" - And just a couple weeks later Skylar put out the official first single called "Invisible", a really sad although powerful ballad. I actually like lots more "Dance Without You", I think it shows the Skyler we've heard in hits like "Coming Home", "I Need A Doctor", etc. Plus, for me "Dance Without You" had the more chances to gain quick radio spins, but whatever, it's her and her label's decision. I wonder though, what's up with releasing a video for "Dance Without You" now? That's gonna confuse fans IMO. They should have saved all the money possible for the "Invisible" clip. In any case, the just-released music video is VERY cool. So weird, so dark, and so crazy = effective, fits the song!

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