Shontelle Performs on Jimmy Kimmel Live!

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Shontelle performed live on Jimmy Kimmel via ABC on Friday night. The Bajan singer begins the heavy TV promotion in support of her upcoming album "No Gravity" which hits shelves on September 21st. Shontelle gave the first televised performance of her newest single "Perfect Nightmare". I love the song TO DEATH, but keeping it real, Shontelle sounded awful. Plus I did not like the fact they already hinted the song was about to become uptempo by adding the club beats in the first verses. She should tell her band to keep the track as a ballad so it later explodes in the chorus with the "No way! No way! No way!". I mean that's the MAGIC of the song and they kinda messed it up IMO. However, the "Perfect Nightmare" performance was the second one she did on Jimmy Kimmel Live! so that's maybe why her voice wasn't super excellent. She previously had sung the smash hit "Impossible" and here she did a great job. So she can be forgiven lol. Can't wait to check out "No Gravity". Just two weeks left!

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