Shakira Teases 'Rabiosa' MV!

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Didn't she learn something from the "Las de la Intuicion" music video? Wigs don't go well with her! Pop superstar Shakira has recently released this teaser of her new music video for new single "Rabiosa", which can be found on the Colombian's latest LP "Sale el Sol". In it, Shaki goes brunette wearing a...bob wig! Noooo, why? whyyy? lol. I mean, she doesn't look ugly but it's not fair for her natural beauty to use those horrible wigs. Anyways! Back to the new single, I can sooo see "Rabiosa" becoming a HUGE summer hit in Spanish-speaking countries (and in the Latino community in the US) so I'm more than happy Shakira selected this song as the new single. As for the music video, the teaser shows us it's gonna be a house party vid. The theme might be very generic for us, but I don't remember Shakira ever doing something like this (Just Dance / Tik Tok style) in any of her music videos, so it may turn out interesting!

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