Selena Gomez Shares Official "Wolves" Music Video, Unfortunately There Are No Wolves In It

There may be no real storyline and it can be described as heavily boring but there’s one thing we truly love from Selena Gomez’s “Wolves” music video that premiered this weekend online: Selena’s ridiculous beauty. Selena compensates the lack of storyline with scenes where she shows off the beautiful face her mother and father gave her, her sexuality, and her innate talent to serve fashion model vibes. But besides Selena’s beauty, what else is there to see in the “Wolves” music video? That would be: Selena wearing various designer dresses as she walks around a rec center, writhes on the floor of a communal shower area or walks on water in the middle of the pool seemingly sharing the same super power of Jesus Christ.

Aw. She is stunning. But hey, who else is in to demand an alternative music video for “Wolves”? We were actually looking forward for something high budget that involved Selena running in the forest alongside real wolves!