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sara bareilles i choose you video

(We didn't think this day would come!) Sara Bareilles' music video for the 'Brave'-follow up single 'I Choose You', from her Grammy-nominated fourth studio album 'The Blessed Unrest', premiered on VEVO on Monday, May 5th. Watch the full premiere below!

It's been so many months since 'I Choose You' was announced as single, we were actually afraid Sara had forgotten about shooting a music video, or was perhaps considering ditching 'I Choose You' and release a third single already. Whatever the case, we don't care about the delay, we're just happy we got the 'I Choose You' video today.

The perfect-for-engagement mid-tempo ballad, written by Sara, Jason Blynn and Pete Harper, has received a pretty coherent music video. We all knew how perfect this song was for an engagement proposal situation and that's exactly what Sara has done in the video for 'I Choose You'. She first picked two couples (the one making the proposal answered a petition made by Sara on her Facebook), one heterosexual and one gay. Then, Matt and Aly would, respectively, set up real nice engagement parties with all their families and friends gathered. Their girlfriends would arrive with their eyes covered to only find out Sara Bareilles at the place, beginning to sing 'I Choose You'. The ballad served as perfect background music as the proposals took place.

What do you think of the video?

sara bareilles i choose you video
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