Robin Thicke Covers Icona Pop's 'I Don't Care' On BBC Radio 1's 'Live Lounge'

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robin thicke performs blurred lines on bbc radio live lounge with girls

Blue-eyed crooner Robin Thicke performed his first BBC Radio 1 'Live Lounge' session this week. He's heavily promoting his music and new album "Blurred Lines" in the UK ahead of the local release in just a few days. July 15th, to be precise.

For his debut 'Live Lounge', Robin chose to sing his smash hit "Blurred Lines", and classic "Dreamworld", as part of the 'your own songs' section, and do a very personal rendition of Icona Pop's party smash "I Love It" as his cover performance. The way he turned this shallow dance pop song into an R&B masterpiece is something just brilliant and not at the reach and abiliity of everyone. The soulfulness, the passion in his singing, the immaculate vocals, the adlibs, the instrumentation, EVERYTHING was just...*grabs tissue and cries a river*. This is so good, so good. My soul was not ready for this.


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