Rita Ora Covers One Direction For 'Live Lounge'

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Rita Ora Covers One Direction For 'Live Lounge'

Kosovo princess Rita Ora paid a visit to BBC Radio 1's studios in London on Friday (August 10) to perform the second 'Live Lounge' sessions of her career, picking as her two-song setlist: "How We Do (Party)", the hit single from her debut album "ORA" and One Direction's "What Makes You Beautiful" as her cover.

In a pretty 'unseen' move Rita has decided to trade singles for her upcoming US and UK releases. Her #1 UK single "R.I.P" featuring Tinie Tempah has been listed for an August 28th radio release in the US, while the pop anthem "How We Do (Party)" will elevate Brits' spirits when it gets officially released in the European country next August 12th (this sunday!). My take is: If the oh-so-fantastic "How We Do" failed to impress in the US, the fate of "R.I.P" won't be so different. However, I can totally see the The Runners-produced "Party" rockecting to the #1 in the UK. Now as for Rita's recent "Live Lounge" gig, she did a good...as usual. Her vocal control is absolutely incredible. She slayed 'Party", and did justice to "What Makes You Beautiful" but didn't really move me. I don't know....I didn't really feel the acoustic arrangement, plus for me this seemed like the last song Rita would choose to cover, for real (Last time she did the Gotye single...hello!). It just felt like Rita only sang this song to catch the attention of the 'Directioners'.


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