Rihanna - Cheers (New Song!) (Full)

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Listen right now to Rihanna's new song "Cheers (Drink to That)". This is like a leak per day! The track was produced by The Runners, it's track #3 on "LOUD!" - in stores on November 16th - and it's rumored this will be the fourth single after "S&M". Hmmmm, I feel kinda deceived! When I read Rihanna sampled Avril Lavigne's "Im With You" in "Cheers" with the "Yea, Yea, Yeaaah!" moment I actually thought it was going to be Riri singing that part with her own vocals not just 'copy & paste' the very extract from Avril's song LOL. Sorry but that sounded unnecessary and slightly annoying. That aside, the song is good. Not super amazing but good. Loved Riri's accent and the bar talk. Drinks on my mind and my mind on my money!

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