PITBULL - Dope Ball lyrics

Below are the complete “Dope Ball” lyrics by Pitbull displayed. These lyrics were added August 24, 2010.

Dope Ball lyrics

Ladies and gentlemen, I like to introduce you all to a new game.
It's called Dope Ball.
Similar rules and regulations, but at the same time very different.

Goes a lil something like this.

It's not pick 'n roll, it's more like pick a roll.
What you gon' push? We waste a blow.
If it's all three, then that's the three from the top of the key, before you cup a brick, scrape some grams of the top of the key.
Same for the blow, we call those free throws, they call 'm cheerleaders, we call 'm cheap ho's.
Find some low ones, have them beg a few O's.
Next thing you know you're putting numbers on the... boat.
The whole point is to stay on the courts, but, in this game the whole point is to stay outta courts.
Yeah they similar, but not the same sports.
Both international, import, export.
Extort, and if you get caught, the law is like referee, it can get bought. Extort, and if you get caught, the law is like referee, it can get bought.

Dope Ball, Dope Ball, we play, we play, we playing, Dope Ball, Dope Ball.
This is called what? Dope Ball, Dope Ball!
I know y'all later, if you push weighter, you see a Dope Ball~!


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