No Doubt and Rita Ora: 'X Factor UK' Live!

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No Doubt and Rita Ora: 'X Factor UK' Live!

Gwen Stefani's No Doubt and Rita Ora were the special guest performers on the latest results show of 'The X Factor UK' via ITV 1 on Sunday, November 4th...Watch videos below now!

No Doubt hit the stage to play their new single "Looking Hot" (from the album "Push and Shove"), and although it was overall a good energetic performance, I don't think it was one of Gwen's best nights vocally. She looked great though. That eternal youth of hers is amazing, lol. Next it was time for Rita Ora. The latest Jay-Z protegée treated her fans with a new televised rendition of her new UK single "Shine Ya Light" - off her debut album "ORA". Contrary to Gwen's case, Rita looked AND sounded incredible. Shame at this song getting picked over 'Love and War' and 'Uneasy' for new single though!

Who had the best performance?

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