Nicki Minaj To Star In H&M 2017 Christmas Campaign: See Preview

Nicki Minaj will be the face of H&M’s 2017 Christmas campaign. The news was confirmed this morning by both Nicki and H&M posting the photo above (clearly taken at the official photoshoot for the new campaign) on their social accounts. Nicki’s print ads and commercial will be premiering in mid November, according to some sources. H&M’s last Christmas campaign led by a music artist was in 2016 with Katy Perry. Remember her commercial where she debuted her original Christmas song “Every Day Is A Holiday”? Yes, it’s been two years since that. For the 2015 campaign, H&M decided to hire Oscar winning actor Adrien Brody. But since that campaign didn’t become that popular (we only found out today Mr. Brody starred in the 2016 Christmas commercial), H&M is going back at hiring music superstars. In this case, rap royalty Nicki Minaj. Will Nicki also debut an original Christmas song in her commercial like Katy did in 2015? Fingers crossed! We can’t wait for that rapped Christmas anthem!