Nicki Minaj - So Special lyrics

Below are the complete “So Special” lyrics by Nicki Minaj displayed. These lyrics were added May 13, 2011.

So Special lyrics

I guess Im wrong for thinking that I can trust you
For Never holding all that shh against you
But now I'm strapped with my 45 special
I'm so special, so special, so special
Nigga you softer than a homosexual
And I am so extraterrestrial
So you can keep my things
Theres nothing you can bring
And You can have my ring, you can add it to your bling
Cause I'm ok and I'm still a G
Pray for my enemies, my name's still Nicki
In time you'll change but time don't freeze
You better leave better 'for you get wetter than iceys?

Nicki Minaj

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