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Below are the complete “1234” lyrics by Nicki Minaj displayed. These lyrics were added August 24, 2010.

1234 lyrics

(just nicki's verse)

It's Barbie Bitch!

I'm the Barbie
Keep alotta plastic
Little pink stars
Put em on my jacket
Somebody tell her Ima put her in a casket
Register my money for the money gymnastic
Cuz I make it flip now they be lookin all nasty
Colder then a hail I tell her hail that taxi
Bitch won't blow but she can blow my saxi-
And I call sacks fifth avey home
That is where a real bad barbie roam
Sorry I broke up excuse my cell phone
It must be a AT&T dead zone
My niggas in the club he let heat roam
Need my rozay I need my patron
Need my honey and um(?) I need my hypno
That's 1 bottle, 2 bottle, 3 bottle, 4

Nicki Minaj

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