New Song: Icona Pop - 'Girlfriend'

New Song: Icona Pop - 'Girlfriend'

Swedish DJ duo Icona Pop - famous across the world for their smash hit "I Love It" -recently gave a Dutch radio the green light to premiere their new international single. Listen above to Icona Pop's "I Love It" follow-up, the also upbeat "Girlfriend".

Still using their signature 'sound' of shouts and chants, Icona Pop deliver another jaunty record in "Girlfriend". The new single samples "Me & My Girlfriend" by 2Pac (more famously sampled later by Beyonce & Jay Z) in the choruses. Well, it's alright. It's no "I Love It" by any means. Their international break-through song was much catchier, and the beat sounded more infectious. I feel like "Girlfriend" is a little bit monotonous, and keeping it honest, their sample of "Me & My Girlfriend" is a little dissapointing. And, sadly, that's something that will always pop right in my mind when it play it. For, Jay-Z and Beyonce's sampling in "Bonnie & Clyde" is THE sample. You know what I mean?. In any case, throw in a few good remixes, and I could bop to "Girlfriend" in a club. Icona Pop are expected to drop their debut full-length album before the summer of 2013 ends. The project will feature productions by Stargate, Benny Blanco, Shellback and more! Can't wait.

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