New Music: - 'Reach For The Stars'

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New Music: - 'Reach For The Stars'

Thank God there's no life in Mars cause otherwise poor aliens would kill themselves, no doubt, after hearing the atrocity's new song is! The heavily-autotuned track "Reach For The Stars" besides being a cut from the Black Eyed Peas rapper's upcoming new solo album "#willpower" (October 15th), it'll also become the first song in history to be played in another PLANET, to be precise on the surface of Mars, courtesy of Nasa's Curiosity rover, and will then be beamed to Earth at 4pm EST on Tuesday (August 28).

Such an iconic event, and could only come up with this terrible tune?. I mean, the instrumental is not entirely bad, but it's the too-autotuned vocals that ruin everything for me. That and the fact the song as a whole is mediocre and not worthy of the occasion. "Reach For The Stars", which has been described as an ode to the singer's "passion for science, technology and space exploration,", was released on iTunes on Tuesday morning prior the 'Curiosity' premiere...a pretty dumb move if you ask me. I was actually gonna catch the NASA TV stream only to check out this new song tonight but now that I already have it, what's the point, huh?. "Reach For The Stars" is disappointing, and the BEP star shouldn't have been given this historic opportunity. NASA should have asked Christina Aguilera to premiere her new single ("Your Body") from Mars instead! LOL. Bet the whole galaxy listening would've appreciated that more. SOURCE

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