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This guy's been so M.I.A! Holla! American singer-songwriter Ryan Cabrera is preppin' his comeback to the music scene, and for that, he's recently released this new song called "Home" for fans to download for free...or you can just stream it clicking on the YouTube/SounCloud players above!

The Texas musician is known to us for having been the boyfriend of Ashlee Simpson in the early 2000's, and for releasing two extremely good albums; "Take It All Away", and "You Stand Watching". *My God I'm so jamming the hell out of "On The Way Down" and "Shine On" right now!*. In 2008, Ryan apparently released his third album, but that was a major flop, so let's forget about that one. Four years later, 29-year-old Mr Cabrera is quoted as 'currently working on a new album', so me's hoping it'll be a good one! So far I'm loving the buzz single, the ballad "Home". Great lyrics, great melody, and very well sung!

Can Ryan pull a successful comeback?

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