New Music: Lady Gaga - 'Stache'

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New Music: Lady Gaga - 'Stache'

Through some kind of puzzle game via SoundCloud, Lady Gaga fans 'discovered' a brand new song by the American pop diva called "Stache", which in reality is a 'vocal' version of DJ Zedd's fist-pumping instrumental single of the same name...FYI: The German electronic producer is confirmed to be working with Gaga on a few new songs for the album "ARTPOP" and Gaga recorded these vocals just for fun and as a gift for the fans to have a little tease of what her next album will sound like. Although if I were DJ Zedd, I would use this new version with Lady Gaga of "Stache" to get some money-money! I say make it official, release it on iTunes, and even film a music video for it, cause the Gaga-fied remix is pretty cool!

Basically what the SoundCloud game consisted of was for fans to correctly combine her new acapella vocals with a correct synchronized edit of Zedd's "Stache" beat. And let me tell you the result is magic! True the beat is EVERYTHING in "Stache", but Gaga adds that cool quirky touch of hers that makes the song even more crazy. I wonder if this means her third album "ARTPOP" will be filled only with these kind of 'Scheiße'-like type of songs?. Cause if that's the case, clubs must be ready for pandemonium.


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