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British singer Natalia Kills sings the main vocals in Swiss DJ Tatana Sterba's brand new single 'You Can't Get In My Head'...whose music video just premiered online...Watch above! Wow...Nat-Nat gets ultra kinky and sexy in the low-budget visual. It basically sees Ms Kills going wild letting all her raunchiest fantasies come alive. That is, making out with and groping on her boyfriend - an Abercrombie-looking kinda dude - in all the imaginable ways in a photo booth. Very racy MV indeed...but it's what the lyrics are all about, so I approve. BTW, how stunning and beautiful Natalia Kills's just ridiculous! Back to 'You Can't Get In My Head', the song, I'm not sure when it's getting released, or where, but I don't think it's something that we'll see topping the charts anyways. That said, I can see it doing good in the UK club scene for instance.

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