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The complete Angel lyrics by Mariah Carey.

Angel lyrics

Eh! I shouldn't have walked away.
I would have stayed, if you’d say.
We could have made everything okay,
But we just
Threw the blame back and forth.
We treated love like a sport.
The final blow hit so low I'm still on the ground.

I couldn't prepare myself for this fall.
Shattered and pieces curled on the floor.
Supernatural, love conquers all.
Remember we used to touch the sky?

And lightning don't strike
The same place twice.
When you and I
Said goodbye
I felt the angels cry.
True love’s a gift.
But we let it drift
In the storm.
Every night,
I feel the angels cry.

Come on babe. Can our love be revived?
Bring it back and we gon' make it right.
I'm on the edge just trying to survive,
As the angels cry.

Limitless omnipresent kind of love
Couldn’t have guessed. It would just stop
And disappear, in a world when
Here I am
Walking on this narrow road.
Wobbling but won't let go.
Waiting for a glimpse of the suns glow.

I know I can stand just pull me back up.
Like there ain’t a hurricane it’s just us.
I'm willing to live and die for our love.
Baby we can get back that shine.

(Repeat Chorus)

(Baby I miss you.
Don’t know why I love you.
We got it right here.
I'll reach it for you.) 2x

(Repeat Chorus)

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