Listen To 40 Seconds of Little Mix's "Is Your Love Enough?"

Little Mix will be revealing the first of the three brand new songs they will be including on their “Glory Days: The Platinum Edition” album (out November 24) this week. “Is Your Love Enough?” will have the honor to be the first new song that fans get to hear. And that could happen as soon as this Friday. “One kiss you’re falling in love. Are you up for this? Are you up for this? #IsYourLoveEnough is coming. Lx”, wrote Little Mix on the group’s social media accounts last night, accompanying the message with a preview of the lyric video of “Is Your Love Enough?”, which featured 40 seconds of the actual song. “Is Your Love Enough?” sounds like a sexy track with a Spanish vibe!

Three nights in a room, I don’t stop / Are you down for it? Are you down for it? / You can do more than talking, baby”, sing Little Mix girls in the previewed verse. Raunchy!

Countdown singles usually come out on Fridays and that “coming” warning message from the girls could very well mean that!