Listen: A$AP Rocky (ft. Lana Del Rey) - 'Ridin''

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So what's the deal between these two? Are they really good friends now, or something more? After showing their chemistry on the JFK-inspired video for "National Anthem", rapper A$AP Rocky and Lana Del Rey team up again on the 'chillin' "Ridin'", a track to be included on the former's upcoming debut album "LongLiveA$AP", arriving in stores September 11. Click 'play' above to check it out!

I'm totally feeling this. A$AP should defo use it as his first single. "Ridin'" may not be ground-breaking stuff, or the typical busy-sounding urban track radios play, but that's its uniqueness, y'all. It's unlike anything on the radio now! Of course, Lana del Rey's own songs aside. "Ridin'" features a breezy old-school beat, solid verses from A$AP Rocky and Lana at her best! Her voice, the lyrics, the fun way she sings 'em! Hot.

What do you think of "Ridin'"?

Listen: A$AP Rocky (ft. Lana Del Rey) - 'Ridin''

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