Lil Kim "Took Us On A Break" But Now She's Back: Stream The New Single

Lil Kim is back! The once queen of rap released a brand new single entitled “Took Us On A Break” on Friday and accompanied the single release with the official music video premiere on her VEVO account. It must be noted that Lil Kim barely uses her official VEVO channel. In fact, the music video for “Took Us On A Break” is only the fifth video uploaded on that channel. So this could mean that “Took Us On A Break” is an “official” release in the sense Lil Kim plans to promote it and try to send it to radios, and it could mean that this single is part of a bigger project, perhaps a new full-length studio album. And this would be a complete surprise, for Lil Kim’s last studio “The Naked Truth” was released in 2005. Is Queen Bee really back? Like for real back?

Took us a break but we back now / Back in this bitch with a bag now / Sour niggas stay hating on us / And the bitter bitches, got 'em mad now”, raps Lil Kim on her new track, clearly stating that she’s back to put her name back where it belongs – on the high positions of the charts we deduce.

As for the “Took Us On A Break” music video, it’s a black and white affair Lil Kim will make it rain, will hang out with her menacing crew and will attempt to give us a few dance moves in body-tight outfits.