Liam Payne Premieres "Bedroom Floor" Music Video: It's Not Good


Liam Payne hired Bella Thorne to be the starring actress in his “Bedroom Floor” music video but if we were him, we would ask for a refund. The music video premiered today on VEVO and the final product is quite underwhelming. We were hoping for so much and we got so little. We thought this music video was going to have a higher budget than “Strip Me Down” and it was quite possibly the opposite. The storyline seemed like it was going to be cool but it was so cliché and poorly acted. Bella Thorne’s scenes were so meh. Some of her acting looked so fake. The plot is basically Bella and her boyfriend going through ups and downs but just when she thought it was all fixed up and they were going to live happily ever after she spots him flirting with another girl. And what will she do? Throw his clothes in the pool. SUCH A BADASS! (lol). Any girl would have gone HAM on the unfaithful guy but not Bella. She’s the clothes-to-pool thrower kind of girl. Liam looked handsome in the music video but that unfortunately wasn’t enough to save the music video, which was a big snoozefest from start to finish. What’s left for Liam to save this single from disaster? Give us a lot of cool live performances.