Lana del Rey - "Tropico" (Short Film)

lana del rey tropico poster

Lana del Rey - "Tropico" (Short Film)

It's here. Watch now Lana del Rey's highly-anticipated short film "Tropico" in its entirety. The almost 30 minutes-long, Anthony Mandler-directed visual sees Albino model Shaun Ross co-starring alongside the gorgeous New York City singer.

It's a really pretty "short film". But probably something most people won't be watching more than once. We appreciate the effort, though, Lana. "Tropico" is divided in four main scenes; the Garden of Eden, the stripper club, the robbery, and the beautiful farewell in the dawn light. Lana del Rey pays homage to her legends (Marilyn, Elvis) in "Tropico" as well, and we get to finally understand some of her song lyrics. The music is featured in "Tropico" is; "Body Electric", "Gods & Monsters" and "Bel Air".


By on December 5, 2013
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