Lana Del Rey Performs On 'Saturday Night Live'

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Lana Del Rey Performs On 'Saturday Night Live'

Lana del Rey couldn't have had a more high-profile US television debut! The 25-year-old singer-songwriter performed last night in the antepenultimate episode of the 37th season of the legendary NBC show 'Saturday Night Live'. Lemme just tell you this SNL gig had been anticipated so much by fans, and 'interested' people in Lana's music, ever since it was announced. "I definitely think it’s an honor. … I don’t think they’ve ever had anyone [perform] who didn’t even have a record out, so I do appreciate it… [But I got it] because I’m a good musician", told Del Rey to MTV News days before her SNL debut. Sadly for her, I agree with many of the reviews already out, Lana has disappointed. She performed her breakthrough single "Video Games", and "Blue Jeans" (instead of the amazing, and highly-praised "Born to Die". WTF?). Lana did look stunning (beyond stunning actually), but on the 'vocal' side, she underwhelmed. It was her weakest showing yet, it was shaky and pitchy (for the most part). *exhales* Was it the pressure of performing on SNL? or can't the girl sing? Come on, Lana! I have mad faith in you. I really hope the SNL fiasco doesn't affect (much) the view of the American audience on Lana and they still go and get her disc "Born to Die" when it hits stores January 31st. Although Ms. Del Rey still has two 'lives' left, next week's appearances on 'Letterman' and 'Ellen'. She better slay then!

What do YOU think of the performances?

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