Lana Del Rey & Haley Reinhart Shine On 'Idol'

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Lana Del Rey & Haley Reinhart Shine On 'Idol'

Lana del Rey and Season 10 finalist Haley Reinhart were the guest performers on last night's results show of 'American Idol' - Ms Del Rey - who by the way does not have the power of bilocation (she performed on Thursday LIVE at the 'Echo Awards' in Germany), had her 'Idol' performance pre-taped last week - hit the stage to deliver a new televised rendition of her breakthrough single "Video Games", and she did fantastic!! Accompanied by a 16-member orchestra, and donning a white dress/Converse sneakers look, Lana sang "Video Games" beautifully. I got goosebumps!. For the big ending, there were rose petals falling from the ceiling. Next was Haley Reinhart, one of the most promising singers from Idol's Season 10. She performed for the first time on TV her debut single "Free" (which is a pretty solid song for a debut btw!). Haley hit the 'American Idol' stage looking like a mini DIVA with fierce hair, and a fierce long red dress. She SOLD "Free" amazingly well last night with that performance. Great vocals!

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