Keri Hilson - Rumors lyrics

Keri Hilson Rumors From the album Shock Value 2 by Timbaland featuring Jay-Z.

Thats the one,
Right here,

[Keri Hilson]
Wait a minute Timb thats my swagger,
So from every moment here on after,
I will be riding the beat like an ATL freak, yep
And if you want a bay we can move faster,
But I'm not the kind of girl who'll ask ya business
I'll be about mine so don't listen to the rumours,

Cos they keep spreading like the walls keep spinning,
And they keep watching while the windows tinted,
And they keep talking but we just don't listen to the rumours,
Rumours, ru rumours,

Let em talk, let em watch, take a pic, let it click,
They can say what they want but it don't mean sh-t,
It just a rumour (x8)

So do everyone jocking like this,
What it is, where you miss with all that sh-t cos,
What it look like not's what it look like,
Might what it look like but your whom I don't like,
Cos you say it like you know that its true,
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Tryna mess it up with me and my boo,
See what it look like not what it look
Might what it look like but your whom I don't like,


Girl, your so deadly, murder in them clothes,
Its blood on the dance floor you murdering these hoes,
Serial killer, you do it every night,
The copycat killers wanna do just like you,
Aint even right, give em some advice,
7inch stilettos aint for those scared of heights,
They committing suicide jumping out the window,
While you in suicide doors hopping out the benzo,
Homocide Hermes bag, take off the lobby,
Call CSI she just caught another body,
Marrried to the mob, Victoria Gotti,
Except your accomplish is ice and its rocky,


[Keri Hilson]
My name is Keri Hilson and I keep it talking for days,
Talking for days, talking for days,
And thats LeBron James
Ballin for days, ballin for days, ballin for days,
And thats Timbaland you know he got Tracks for days,
Tracks for days, tracks for days,
And thats Jay-z cant you see he was spitting for days
Spitting for days, spitting for days,
I know he make you wanna get up and get up and get up,
And do something,
Talk, talk, talk,
Hey hey hey,
I know he make you wanna get up and get up and get up,
And do something,
Talk, talk, talk

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