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Since We've Met lyrics

My life has been full of mistakes and regrets for that I know
But without you I feel so cold
I'm an idiot for making the mistakes I did but will you forgive me?
Will you forgive me, my love please forgive me.

Coz since we've met
There is something in my life worth fighting for
God never thought I'd actually find it
But here it is
Here you are
Since we've met
I found myself more then I ever could of
God bless your soul, God bless your soul...

Your life I'm not to certain about the regrets I know of
But with you not here I can't see clear
You found me on that day tattered and ever so lonely
And gave me a little smirk
So please be with me, be with me. My love be with me.

What would I do without you?
Probably die.
What would I be without you?
A lonely soul
Guys have jerked me round before and I'm well over it but with you here you break my fall.

Oooooooh yeah. Woaaaaah.
Be mine, be mine, be mine.
Since we've met

Kelly Clarkson

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