Ke$ha Gets Wild On 'The Today Show'

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Ke$ha Gets Wild On 'The Today Show'

Electro-pop singer Ke$ha took control of the outdoor stage of 'The Today Show' at Rockefeller Plaza in New York City when she performed her three-song mini-concert on November 20...Watch videos below!

Her sophomore album "Warrior" gets in stores in the US in only two weeks so you know promotion everywhere will be fierce till that release date (December 4) comes. For her 'Today' gig, Ke$ha opted to rock the following setlist; the new album's lead single "Die Young", and the 'Cannibal EP' singles "We R Who We R", and "Blow". Wearing a daring, and provocative outfit for such early morning time, Ke$ha dazzled her fans with these three energetic live performances. Wish she had sung "C'mon" too though!


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