Ke$ha - 'Die Young' (Music Video)

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Eh...Ke$ha shows her Illuminati love in the music video for "Die Young", the Dr Luke-produced first single from the electro-pop star's sophomore studio album "Warrior" (December 4)...Watch above now!

Not really feeling this video as I think it's basic, cheap, so full of random illuminati signs (?), doesn't have the 'I wanna see it over and over again'' in short, it'll serve the single practically no purpose. "Die Young" is still smashing hard on the charts though...and that's good! People from all around the world have clearly connected to the song, and it will be not long before "Die Young" hits #1 on the US Hot 100. Maybe a great MV could've sped things up...but we can wait a little bit more, right?. The disappointing 'Die Young' clip features Ke$ha and her cult followers raiding some kind of rural village while expressing a lot of 'love'.

What do you think of the video?

Ke$ha - 'Die Young' (Music Video)

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