Katy Perry Plugs 3D Film On 'Leno'

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'Wide Awake' star Katy Perry paid a visit to Jay Leno on his NBC 'Tonight Show' last night (June 21st) to promote her upcoming 3D documentary "Katy Perry: Part of Me" which opens in theaters in the US, Canada, the UK, and Australia in two weeks on July 5th! It was a thirteen-minute long interview where before going deep into the film-related stuff, Jay Leno got Katy to speak on her beginnings such as how she 'rebeled' from her strict Christian family, moving to Los Angeles at 17 to pursue her dreams, getting dropped from a couple record labels, to finally getting her big break. Katy kinda also adressed the Rusell Brand divorce. On the 3D documentary plugging minutes, the pop superstar told Jay Leno why she wanted to do this project, and together watched a new sneek peak using the cute heart-shaped 3D glasses designed by Katy. I love the girl, but isn't the way she express herseld kinda overwhelming at times?


Katy Perry Plugs 3D Film On 'Leno'
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