Kanye West & Big Sean Join Rick Ross To Perform "Sanctified" On "Arsenio Hall Show"

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rick ross and kanye west perform on arsenio

The week is coming to and end, but Rick Ross is going to utilize 'til the very last day to promote his newly-released sixth album "Mastermind". Last night (March 6th), the gangsta rapper performed one of the stand-out tracks "Sanctified” on "The Arsenio Hall Show" with the help of two very special guests. Watch below!

Easy to figure out who, right? Of course, these were song collaborators, Big Sean and Kanye West. They crowd in the studio really didn't care for Big Sean as they were few screaming, however, that was not the case when Kanye hit the stage. The crowd did go wild for him! That's the power of Yeezus. After they all performed their verses, Big, Kanye and Rick joined vocals to rap (or ad-lib) the last chorus of "Sanctified".

Update: Rick Ross also performed "Nobody".


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