Juicy J - Ain't No Coming Down lyrics

Juicy J with “Ain't No Coming Down” Free release track from Juicy J. Produced by C4 and Childish Major.

Ain't No Coming Down lyrics

Still winning, we gonna stay get money
So you niggas know what it is, 4/20 bitch

[Hook x2]
High ain't no coming down
Roll up let's burn up
Turn up ain't no turning down
Chasing this fast money ain't no slowing down
Hol' up let's pour up for up cause it's going down

[Verse 1]
Break it down, rolling up
My money too long can't fold it up
Poured up I'm drunk as f*ck
I take more alcohol than a open cut
Early morning getting to the bread
So I call it breakfast in bed
Real nigga don't believe in ghost
But I'm stil chasing these dead prez
My eyes so low, I'm so lit
I might nod off after one more hit
In a foreign whip with a foreign bitch
I live every night like a porno flick
Bitch don't kill my vibe, ho don't kill my buzz
Bitch I'm so fresh and clean but my cup is full of mud
If she not f*cking she gotta go
One month it won't stop the show
I'm backstage with a flock of hoes
And I'm getting blowed like snotty noes
Hollywood I'm still stuntin', makin' paper all around the country
I'm getting throat, f*cking hoes, getting dome and counting money


[Verse 2]
Let's blow it all can't take it with us
Step out the car they takin' pictures
That's paparazzi, that's TMZ
My Mercedes Benz that's AMG
Eyes like I'm chinese, out in Tokyo
Check my passport homie I do global shows
And I stay high ain't coming down
Smoking light green, don't f*ck with brown
Rollin' up that loud, your dope ain't making no sound
I roll through the hood in that new Bugatti coupe
Pull up on yo baby momma, she treat my dick like a flute
Juicy J kilin' the game, go ahead and buy you a suit
I spend yo ho signing bonus on just one pair of shoes
Let's get high-igh-igh-igh-igh-igh
Pour up a deuce
Matter fact make that four
Ok, now you got the juice

[Hook x2]

[Bridge x4]
And I stay high, ain't coming down
Smoke light green, don't f*ck with brown


Juicy J

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