Jonas Brothers Perform Four New Songs During 2013 Summer Tour Kick-Off In Chicago

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"Found", "The World", "What Do I Mean To You" and "Don't Say" are the titles of the four brand new songs that American pop trio Jonas Brothers debuted during the opening night of their 2013 North American Summer Tour in Chicago on July 10.

These four new tracks will be featured on Joe, Nick and Kevin's upcoming studio album, recently-announced to be called "V" (the Roman numeral of "Five"). There's no confirmed release date for "V" yet, but expect it to hit stores in the US after the summer.

Are the new songs any good?. Well, "Found" is a mellow jam with Joe and Nick repeating and singing the word "found" like a million times in the chorus. "The World" sounds a bit more exiciting. It's a mid-tempo love song where the chorus goes something like; "Don't think about the world. It's me and you". "What Do I Mean To You" sounds kind of epic. The girl audience seems to have picked it as their favorite new song. There were heavy screaming after each "What Do I Mean To You!!??" chant. The Jonas Brothers get their 'rock & roll' on in this song. And finally, the last new song the JoBros unveiled on Wednesday night at a sold-out FirstMerit Bank Pavilion in Chicago was "Don't Say". Another super depressing balllad. Nick Jonas steals the spotlight in this one.


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