Jessie J Premieres Heavily Dramatic "Not My Ex" Music Video: Watch

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Jessie J Premieres Heavily Dramatic "Not My Ex" Music Video: Watch

Jessie J just premiered the official music video for her latest single “Not My Ex”, which will appear on the British singer-songwriter’s upcoming fourth studio album “R.O.S.E”. “Not My Ex” is a very emotional ballad where Miss J sings about having troubles to fully commit with a new relationship for she still compares everybody with her ex. And that, ladies and gentlemen, is a very difficult yet common problem.

In the “Not My Ex” music video, which is fully black and white, Jessie J appears before the camera only revealing her body from her belly up, wearing a long sleeves black sweater, wet loose hair, and a natural make-up. For the whole 3 minutes and 47 seconds that the music video lasts, we will see Jessie J feeling every lyric and every emotion from every word as if her life depended on it. Jessie J will serve a lot of dramatic facial expressions, and she will try to move her entire body and even mess her hair a little bit. We swear to God we thought we would see Jessie J actually fake crying at some point. But she didn’t. And thank you Jesus, because that would have just too extra.


By on October 13, 2017
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