Jesse McCartney Performs on 'Regis & Kelly'

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Jesse McCartney delivered the first televised performance of his newest single "Shake" on Regis & Kelly earlier on Tuesday. Very cool performance. Overall, the song isn't that hard to sing although the bridge does have some demanding moments where Jesse showed an impressive vocal control. After his performance, McCartney had a little interview with Regis & Kelly where he revealed that his new studio album "Have It All" will be released in January 2011. I loooove "Shake" but I'm sad to see it's underperforming on the US charts. The Ammo-produced track debuted at #90 on the Hot 100 and that it's been as well its maximum peak thus far. Then again, he has given the song zero relevant promotion until today so I'm asumming his label will wait to the results post-TV promotion to decide if they need to move on to the second single.

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