Jesse McCartney - Up (New Song!)

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The soundtrack album of the upcoming film "Step Up 3D" has hit stores today, July 27, so we can finally check out this new Jesse McCartney song called "Up". There was a snippet that leaked to the Web last week but here's the real deal in full. "Up" is a mix of urban/electronic music. Jesse jumps into the bandwagon of "auto-tune" in this new recording. He uses it heavily! Not sure if I'm happy with that. Putting that aside though, song is not bad at all. Explosive, upbeat and has a great hook. One question though, do you think this a glance of the sound style Jesse will bring in his forthcoming fourth studio album? He's been recording it for a while now and should come out in late 2010. He totally nailed it with the R&B sound in "Departure", and the hit single "How Do You Sleep?" so maybe he wants to develop that and why not even go a step further.

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