Jennifer Lopez Is A Subway Queen In "Amor Amor Amor" Music Video!

Here is Jennifer Lopez’ official music video for her brand new Spanish single “Amor Amor Amor” (which translates for “Love Love Love” in English) featuring reggaeton star Wisin. The music video shot in a subway station sees J.LO looking very urban and wearing a crop GUESS top as she energetically dances with her girls to impress Wisin and his boys. Jennifer will also don a denim outfit that will fit her body to perfection and she will move sensually as she pushes her glorious and famous behind up against a column. Then suddenly hundreds of party-ready people will walk down to the underground station coming from the streets and will flood it completely to make of the space a wild dance celebration.

This is not necessarily the type of the music video we imagined for this Latin song. We really thought the visual for “Amor Amor Amor” was going to be “sunnier” and more Latino in the sense of Latino-provoking locations and not something this urbano.