Jason Derulo Takes Resort By Storm In “Kiss The Sky” Music Video: Watch

Jason Derulo took to YouTube earlier today (Aug. 11) to debut his “Kiss The Sky” music video - with “Kiss The Sky” being the only original song Mr. Derulo included on his “Platinum Hits” compilation album that he released in stores last month.

“Kiss The Sky” is fine, but undoubtedly it is the weakest “single” Jason’s ever released. Sounds more like a mere album track actually - but whatever. It’s a greatest hits album “freebie”, we couldn’t ask for more quality.

The music video below shows Jason Derulo taking us on a tour throughout the resort hotel he works at. He will demonstrate how much fun his fellow employees and him have on a daily basis there. The “Want To Want Me” star will dance in the hallway with the chambermaids, ride along with the guests on the golf carts, and he will show how to kill a performance when he puts on a concert by the pool.

Where that hotel at!? I wanna go!

What do you think of the video?